Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Everyone shops on the web nowadays. Whether you are looking for new shoes, a new game, or a piece of art; there is a place on the web for you to buy. On one hand, we have e-commerce websites offering everything you can think of, in massive inventories. On the other hand, we have millennials slowly but surely becoming the bigger buying force of our society.

ChatBots could be employed to sell low involvement products. In other words, when the user rational to buy a product does not require an extensive comparison, a long thought decision, or, more in general, the push of a salesman, a ChatBot can quickly provide the necessary information to close such a simple purchase. Moreover, a Chatbot saves awkward conversations with the salesmen, which most of the people, especially millennials do not like.

An even more ideal use case for Bots is cross-selling. For example, a mobile operator could initiate a conversation between existing customers to offer abroad data package. Or a clothing company could offer a particular matching accessory to those who have bought that particular dress.

A Chatbot can effectively store all the inputs from a customer and can learn from their choices of products and their tastes and preferences, to offer a more personalised selection of products, thereby, bettering the conversion rate and reducing the time to sales. It can also send a customised offer depending upon the sales pattern of the customers. Chatbots are also capable of sending alerts and offers based on customer’s location, making them aware of offers, sales and events nearby to them.
A ChatBot could also participate in the selling process by generating leads for the sales department. The Bot would provide an initial set of information to the potential customer, and as soon as a certain level of interest is recognized, either a human would take over the conversation or the Bot would redirect the client to a dedicated landing page.

Millennials, additionally, also have plenty of questions. They want to know the people behind the business, working conditions of the factory/plant, the story behind the product, effect of product on the environment, suppliers of the material, etc.

Undoubtedly, browsing through endless list of products to find the right fit is not the best solution. Chatbots will change the way we shop online by allowing a completely personalised shopping experience. Instead of blindly browsing a website, we will have an AI-driven assistant with all the answers at our disposal.

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