Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

However many advances in technology our society has made, organising a trip has remained a struggle.

There is finding the place to go, then finding the hotel, then figuring out if there is anything good to eat around there, then realising the beaches (or slopes) are too far from the place you have been looking at for 2 days – and starting over.

The only thing that can really take over that pain is speaking to a local… or a super intelligent, all knowing database-fed robot!

Chatbots will drastically change the way we experience travel and leisure simply by being assistants we can talk to. By turning the horrendous amount of research and organisation we currently go through to look for a place to stay that suits our needs into a simple conversation.

Picture the interaction between a Chatbot and its user. Imagine how the conversation simply flows, from initiation to getting all the information the user needs. A Chatbot will act as a local guide to the customer, providing all insights about the place, weather, attractions, events, things to do and other things. Instead of Googl-ing these things, a customer can simply ask the Chatbot and get instantaneous replies.

Your Chatbot will speak your language and will have the personality you want it to have. Not only this is an effective way of cross-selling and up-selling, the Chatbot can store the tastes and preferences of the customers and that can be used for providing customised offerings as well as for insights and product development.

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