Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Who has never suffered long waiting for a doctor’s appointment? Healthcare systems are far of being as efficient as people need them to be, but Machine Learning can play a key role in fixing that.

Imagine the ease you will have as a customer, if you can set your appointments, reschedule or cancel with the click of a button on your Chatbot! If you are not sure about which doctor to see for your symptoms, a Chatbot can quickly analyse your symptoms and recommend which specialist you must see and if it is something serious or not. Experts say that machines analyzing data already can predict some diseases, and they do so at a higher accuracy than doctor’s eye .

Also they are faster analyzing data and corpuses and establishing relations that lead to the discovery of new drugs or treatments. A major factor to heal a disease is to detect it on time, however because of the waiting times, people avoid to go to the doctor. 

Chatbot can improve the customer service multiple times, not only will it allow you to book appointments, it will let you know if the designated doctor is running behind schedule or had to delay or cancel your appointment due to some emergency case. The Chatbot can also let you know all the medical records and/or tests you may need to take along, remind you about your appointment. People can also enquire if the hospital is full or if a particular category room is available or not.

For hospitals, it can better serve the patients providing customised services based on individual needs. Hospitals can manage shifts and scheduling for their specialists, patient appointments and needs, and overall better care and service. It can also help hospitals to cut down on idle hours or excessive workforce.

Further, Healthcare Companies can launch their Chatbots for identifying certain diseases, providing medication solution for them, side-effects of particular products and so on.

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