Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Automotive industry is one in which customer service experience matters the most. From sales to brand value, everything depends upon customer satisfaction, which in turn is a result of customer service experience, especially after sales. A satisfied customer is not only a loyal customer, which buys repeatedly but also acts as your very own invaluable brand ambassador.

Application of Chatbots is endless in Automotive Industry, right from answering general question and queries to value added services such as booking car servicing, insurance, and other services. A Chatbot can be integrated to each individual vehicle, providing all statuses, reminders, warnings to a customer in a real-time conversational format.

As a driver, have you ever wondered why a particular light On under your speedometer? What does it signify? Is it risky to drive with this light On? With a Chatbot connected to your car, you can directly ask it, what does this light signify, and if you are at any risk. It can scan and provide a health check and other important status checks in real-time. Instead of panicking or calling customer care or in worst case taking your car to workshop, you can simply ask the Chatbot with a click of a button and assess yourself if you need to visit workshop or not. Additionally, you can control your car with the help of your car Chatbot, setting the settings of lighting, seats, sound, cooling/heating as per individual preferences which will be stored in the memory of the Chatbot.

As a company, one can manage workloads for car servicing and provide more efficient scheduling with lesser wait times for the customers. A customer can be informed when their cars need servicing, what are the empty slots available for getting their cars serviced, and if the workshop is running behind schedule. Additionally, customer can simply check with the workshop for the availability of spare parts and other accessories, without the need to call the customer care, not only making it easier for the customer but also saving costs for the company. The Chatbot also acts as the marketing tool of the company, which can inform customers about new offers, new models, upgrades, etc.


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