Finance Industry

According to Accenture’s recent survey of consumer banking attitudes, millennials are twice as likely to change their primary bank and are more dissatisfied with their financial institutions than any other group. Read more

Retail Industry

The phenomenal growth of online retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and others has set the service experience expectations quite high. Customers want real-time access to retailers regardless of their location and what device they are using. Delivering great customer service experience is competitive differentiator, where 90% of consumers now expect a brand or organization to offer self-service customer support. What’s more, customers expect to be able to communicate with self-service interfaces in a natural, conversational way. Read more

Insurance Industry

Insurance customers are not different from general consumers. And today, all of them are savvy, connected and demanding. They expect fast, empowering and transparent customer experiences, on any of their devices, from wherever they might be.  Customer can get a customized quote as per their requirement instantaneously. Most number of calls made to the call centers of these companies are for the purposes of claim filing and claim processing status. Read more

Hospitality Industry

The relationship between customer and business is the most crucial in hospitality industry. Customer service experience is the biggest competitive differentiator here. People usually Google: things to do, special attractions, transportation, etc, before going on a vacation, which is time consuming and a customer pain-point. Read more

Healthcare Industry

In order to engage patients for everything from vital sign monitoring, self-determination of symptoms to telemedicine consults, a Chatbot can be developed. Getting personalized medical care & reminders for doctor visit and medications, learning the seriousness and urgency of the problem, knowing availability of specialists, scheduling appointments, keeping in touch with doctor, etc are some of the areas where a Chatbot can immensely help. Read more

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