Power of Small Data

Power of Small Data

Small data can be termed as data that can be easily comprehended by human beings. This is quite different from large data which was mainly about machines while small data is all about the people. Small data is often visually appealing and represents large data. Small data aims at making life easier for people as it is easily accessible, easy to comprehend and saves people time and money. Small Data is all about finding the causation, the reason why. Hence it is essential in today’s economy where time is the determining factor of success

In the business world, small data is efficient to companies as they are able to analyze the consumer’s consumption patterns and their preferences hence making it easier for them to improve their products to suit the wants of their customers. They are also able to determine the type of offers that their customers will enjoy thereby enhancing customers trust and maintain a better customer experience. Small data collects tiny clues that uncover huge trends. Small data is personal. It asks why people care and if they believe which enables you to

connect consumer sentiment with predictive behavior. In large businesses, small data makes it efficient for the managers and the directors to control and monitor the running of the business by evaluating each employee’s performance. Through this, they can improve the working condition of the employees to ensure they are comfortable and safe while working. Also, in the manufacturing industry through the use of small data, it easier to assess the performance of their machines and repair effectively, thereby improving the efficiency and maintaining quality production.

In conclusion, small data has come just in time to save time and even keep people in the know. People will now no longer spend lots of money just to get information. Devices at the tip of your hands will do the work for you thanks to small data.

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