Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry



Insurance customers are not different from general consumers. And today, all of them are savvy, connected and demanding. They expect fast, empowering and transparent customer experiences, on any of their devices, from wherever they might be.  The customer can get a customized quote as per their requirement instantaneously. Most numbers of calls made to the call centers of these companies are for the purposes of claim filing and claim processing status.


A chatbot designed to take in claim filing requests which can also regularly update the customer about claim processing status can help the company in cutting major costs. Claims can be reported real-time and customer service can be pushed to another level. A new or existing customer can enquire the Terms and Conditions of the policies.

Bots for Health Insurance:


  • File claims conversationally and quickly, eliminating added frustration
  • Deliver customised quotes in real-time
  • Upgrade your policies, receive 24×7 advice
  • Offer relevant coverage and care advice
  • Solidify long-term relationships between provider and policyholder
  • Provide day to day services like rates and provider searches and payments conversationally
  • Schedule appointments with providers based on text or voice messages
  • Offer omnichannel support – text, email, mobile app, website, or phone

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