Finance Industry

Finance Industry

According to Accenture’s recent survey of consumer banking attitudes, millennials are twice as likely to change their primary bank and are more dissatisfied with their financial institutions than any other group.


Financial consumers expect quick answers when it comes to their money. They’re also accustomed to finding answers when and where they want them. Financial’s software allows you to provide the right answer every time through self-service on your website, in your mobile app, or via messaging apps. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s easy for them to seamlessly transition to talking with a live agent who already has the context of who they are and what they need.


A chatbot transforms the consumer experience. Not only it stays up and running 24×7, it also aides various banking functions: customer service, opening a new account, application status, getting news and offers across – you name it. It makes the entire experience conversational. On an average, 4 minutes are saved per chatbot inquiry as compared to traditional call center based service. This provides a major boost to perceived customer service as well as results in major cost savings.

Bots for Financial Services:

  • Use voice or text messages for making payments, transactions, balance updates, fraud detection and reporting and bill-pay
  • Provide real-time and customised offers with the help of big data like when rates drop
  • Provide real-time financial advice
  • Provide 24×7 banking
  • Create omnichannel service experience
  • Provide option to escalate the issue to human agent

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