Thefinansol creates cutting-edge conversational apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI). A conversational app is like a virtual personal assistant. It does your work for you. It is a computer program that can talk, listen and process information like a human. You can speak to a chatbot. Or type in your query. It helps you:

Provide real-time customer support anytime, anywhere. Allow your customers to –

  • Process payments
  • Book cabs
  • Open tickets
  • Locate stores
  • Check available styles, colors, and inventory
  • Compare products and services
  • Analyze banking history
  • Schedule appointments
  • Make reservations

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way organizations engage with their customers, partners and employees.

The finansol brings you the best in AI and chatbot technology.
Our state-of- the-art conversational apps are easy to use, intelligent and hassle-free.

Our bots offer instantaneous support.

They make customized suggestions and offers.
They keep track of your engagements and provide reminders.
They even make forecasts and solve problems.

The user interacts with the Chatbot with the help of platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack and others, with mediums such as text, voice or touch. The bot breaks down these interactions with the help of Natural Language Processing and Understanding to understand the intent of the user. It then applies Business and Bot logic programmed into it and retrieves information from Information Sources such as Knowledge Banks, Databases, Third-party APIs or redirects the query to a Human Agent.

Thefinansol creates intuitive chatbots that remember context. Our bots learn from past interactions and constantly upgrade their knowledge bank.

So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier. Get in touch with TheFinansol today.

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